A charity called The Friends of Bawdeswell Church has been set up to support the church building. 

The objectives of the Friends are:

1 To organise and raise funds to be specifically used for maintaining the Church building and its fabric.

2 To bring the Church into the centre of the local community and encourage the community to work together and to use the church building.

3 To raise c5000 per annum

4 Raised funds will be separate from the church general fund, and therefore will not be taken into account when applying for grants etc.

It is hoped that through a number of fund raising events, such as the “100 Club”, Race Night, Quiz Night, Craft and Art Fair and Concerts, support will be gained from a number of well wishers who do not necessarily choose to attend the services.


Please check your name has been included in the  100 Club Draw list for 2017



 Jan 2016   100  Peter Jervis

25  Irene Berning, David Cockburn, Marilyn Collier, James Lilwall

10  Steve Knight,  Richard Lilwall,  Bob Maybee,  Roger Sanders,  Ben & Helen Budworth

April 2016   100  Rob & Rita Edwards

25  M Menzies, David Cockburn, M D King, W Sommerville

10  W Ewing,  C Ledbury,  G Hinds,  P Downing,  M Goodman

 July 2016   100  James Lilwall

25  Jason Waller, Debbie Lilwall, Patsy Catchpole, Deborah Egmore

10  Karin Mason, Susan Ward,  Dinah Hinds,  Sue Lilwall,  M Goodman

 Dec 2016   100  Bill & Jackie Cunliffe

25  Larry Condon   Patsy Catchpole   Mr & Mrs Walder   Janet Cockburn

10  Bob Morgan   Rob & Rita Edwards  Ben & Helen   Charlotte Lilwall   Irene Berning

 Jan 2017   100  Peter Underwood

25  Charlotte Lilwall, Roger Sanders, Peter Jervis, Peter Underwood

10  Celia Joice, Ros Condon, Ruth Whitmore, Bob Maybee, Anne Marie Benton











Jan 21st                      Friends 100 Club Reception – 7pm Village Hall


March 25th                                    Bingo Night with Supper – 7pm Village Hall


May 6th                      Spring Barn Dance – 7pm Village Hall


July 23rd                     Festival Players – Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor


Sept 22-24                 Harvest Flower Festival


Dec 16th                     Wreath Sale and Fair


More about this unique Church

All about Bawdeswell

 Help to preserve our unique Church building!

We invite you to become a member of our “100 club” prize draw, which  started in January 2003. The cost of membership is 26 per annum, just over 2 each month!   50% of membership income will be paid back to members in the form of prizes. The draws will be Quarterly:-

 Prizes (Jan, May, Sept and Dec.) 1st 100,  2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th  25,  6th, 7th, 8th , 9th & 10th   10.

The prize draw will take place at the closest Friends’ Event. The winners will be notified direct as well as being published here on the Web.

All you have to do is  e-mail us  your contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 
Memberships will be allocated on a first come first served basis – so get your application in now !

Alternatively you can print an application form right here.

We look forward to welcoming you into the “100 club” and for your support.

For any more details about becoming a Friend of the Church or participating in the 100 Club please contact

James Lilwall or Peter Jervis, Church View, The Street, Bawdeswell.   You can  e-mail us



2002 Flower Festival


2003  Christmas Tree Festival


2004 Christmas Tree Festival

2005    Ray Morgan's Photos


2009    Flower Festival


2013 Flower Festival