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Litter Campaign.  The Junior School children have been very busy creating splendid posters. The varieties of designs are wonderful. I have sent a letter thanking them for their efforts. Let us hope that all our litter louts take heed.  We could approach our local business people inviting them to sponsor some litter bins. An idea to be discussed!

The LAY- BY group have now met for work several times. The bags of rubbish seam unending!  Bill has made contact with the 'Rubbish Removal' department of B.D.C. and over the holiday weekend we hope to have cleared even more of the vegetation. 
(I understand the Lay-by is now complete. Ed.)                                                                  

The Heritage group have compiled the 'Village Information' leaflet. Wonderful information and a superb map. The finished product will soon be available.
I reported to the P.C. on Tuesday 1st June, they send thanks and congratulations. 
Some suggestions were made by those present:

  •  Could we look at renovating the children's play area? There are several items in need of attention and are potential hazards. There is concern, that R.O.S.P.A. will not pass the area as safe.
  • Following the request for financial support, with a view to purchasing a quality strimmer. An offer was made by, Mr G. Hind who kindly suggested we borrow his strimmer.
  • Would we have a look at the Village Hall building and come up with some suggestions as to how it might be reorganised, developed, improved to accommodate a wider variety of events.

We would like to thank you for the strong support you have all shown to the various projects .      Ailsa & Bill 


RECENT CHANGES TO                                                      

Contamination Monitoring
Refuse Inspectors may be in your area before the refuse collection to inspect the recycling bins and any found to be heavily contaminated will not be emptied and a red card left explaining why. Residents are then asked to remove the offending items before the bin can be emptied on the next recycling collection.

Plastics Recycling 
The latest information leaflet/calendar to be delivered around the district has a change to the types of plastic we can collect. We are no longer asking residents to recycle yogurt pots, margarine tubs and plastic containers, and only require plastic bottles to be placed within the recycling bin. This is due to the unsustainable market for these plastics, resulting in them currently being sent to Landfill. This change will bring us in line with the other Norfolk Councils who only collect plastic bottles.
Any recycling bins found to contain yogurt pots, margarine tubs and plastic containers will still be collected for the foreseeable future but a yellow card may be left to remind residents of the change.
Breckland Council, Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke, Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1EE .


A brief look at some of the topics raised at the meeting which was held towards the end of May give an idea of the range of issues that take up the group’s time. They included the new arrangements for the out-of-hours service that will come into operation in July; preparations for building of a permanent home for the new satellite surgery in Swanton Morley; the problems of conflicting flows of people in the reception area of Elmham Surgery; the possibility of providing a baby-changing and disability toilet and the restoration of the ‘children’s corner’.

The group has, though, a special need of its own. Its secretary, Isabel Fowler, has had to step down and a replacement is being sought. Is there anyone out there interested in the business of representing the patients’ interests and prepared to help out (every two months) with some simple note-taking and helping to keep the chairman in order? Alan MacKim  668831 will be delighted to hear from you.

The group’s next meeting will be on Thursday, July 22nd at Elmham School at 7.30pm.       Alan MacKim


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