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Victoria Motor and Cycle Co. Ltd.,

Dennistoun, Glasgow, Scotland.








Unrelated to the German motorcycle company of the same name, the Victoria company of Dennistoun, Glasgow, was to become Scotland’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, and by the outbreak of war in 1914, had developed a wide range of machines fitted with Precision engines made by FE Baker.  After the war, production continued using mainly Villiers, JAP, and Blackburne engines, until the company’s demise in 1926.












The "New Victoria" Cycle Manufacturing Co. of Scotland was based in Craigpark (Street) and 367 Alexandra Parade in Dennistoun, and had premises at 71 Cathedral Street and 78-82 Hanover Street in the

centre of Glasgow. Customers could watch their bicycles being made there.

Further addresses…...from old GPO Directories

The firm subsequently changed its name, first to the Victoria Manufacturing Co., and later to The Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., and diversified into the manufacture of motor cycles.

They started out making bicycles in the late 1890’s, but diversified from about 1904 into making motorcycles. They were the most   successful Scottish motorcycle ever made.  The Founder































































































c 1904














 Scottish Road Atlas




















Published by Hay & Nisbet

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1922 Catalogue 

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